Background (2002)

"I hope everyone can enjoy the experience and sense of accomplishment I have from more than 20 years of hard work ..... while enjoying golf and a beautiful yard. I think of fine gardening as a journey, not a destination. There is nothing else that gives me such satisfaction and piece of mind."

Phil Hamling

Puttgarden's mission is to share the extensive experience gained from a lifetime of landscape design, construction, maintenance and enjoyment with others and to provide access to knowledge, techniques, equipment, supplies and professionals needed to for one to create exotic surrounding in their own yard".                                                        

Over a decade ago we started building golf greens in the front yard. Its a long story. Actually I am a 45 year old gardener turned golf nut whose found the perfect way to blend the two together. I've built and maintain 5 greens in my front yard along with sand traps and fairways plus all the other landscaping around my home. Now I'm offering the same pleasure to others through

Having a golf course in my own front yard gives me great pleasure and has improved my golf game unbelievably. I actually got a nice write up in the local paper last year.

I play in the Tuesday Night Men's Golf League at the local county golf course as well as belong to The Warwick Valley Country Club. Although I don't go to the Club too often, I've been lucky enough to win the league championship 3 times in 9 years. I know this is due in large part to the wonderful practice facility I've created in my own front yard.

Over the years I've been told by many, many people that I should go into the business of building golf greens. I'm happy to have the opportunity to offer the knowledge I've gathered over the years to those who want to do it themselves or just plain understand the process and pleasure of this amazing branch of gardening. I'm also happy can offer others the same wonderful lawn, gardening and landscaping that I've enjoyed so much over the years.

Philip Hamling