Building a Bunker

The outline of the bunker is created using 1/4" luan plywood supported with 1" x 2" stakes every 12". This allows you to backfill around the bunker to the right height and  hold the soil  while grass is established. A drain and filter fabric will be installed in the bottom of the bunker - to let rain water out - before the sand goes in.

DSC06799.jpg DSC06800.jpg DSC06805.jpg DSC06807.jpg
DSC06808.jpg DSC06809.jpg DSC06810.jpg DSC06816.jpg



The edges of the bunker have been topdressed, seeded and hayed.

DSC07273.jpg DSC07274.jpg DSC07275.jpg



Luan edging in place and grass beginning to grow

DSC07352.jpg DSC07353.jpg DSC07354.jpg DSC07355.jpg