Residential Bentgrass Care Program

Fertilizers- Fertilizers for bentgrass are specially formulated to be very small granular particles which, being poly coated, release nutrients consistently over time. This slow release is critical for optimum bentgrass development. The small particle size is important to minimize mower blade damage and ball interference. Fertilizer, at the appropriate rate, is applied every 2 to 4 weeks throughout the 36 week cycle. This frequency is necessary due to the quick draining properties of putting greens.

Micronutrients- Micronutrients are essential elements not normally contained in fertilizers. These elements are essential because they help bentgrass to tolerate the extreme stresses that the mechanical practices of bentgrass maintenance create. Micronutrients are usually applied in liquid form every 14 to 21 days. The iron supplied to the grass is primarily responsible for the deep green color of putting greens.

Fungicides- Disease control is the most challenging part of bentgrass maintenance. Bentgrass is subject to constant and very often severe fungus pressure due to the extremely low cutting height and heavy surface traffic that both play and maintenance produce. Most diseases can be kept in check under normal conditions. However, under severe summer conditions (>90 and >60% humidity), disease damage is likely and must be repaired once severe conditions abate. The goal of our program is to provide consistent disease suppression.

Insecticides- A mature, healthy putting can withstand moderate insect activity. New, young or stressed bentgrass can be severely affected by the many insects which can do damage. Our granular insecticides are designed to keep target insect populations at acceptable levels. Both surface and sub-surface insects are controlled. Ant control in bunkers is also available.

Herbicides- weed control is especially necessary in Spring and Fall when the majority or weed species germinate. Because herbicides have bentgrass growth inhibiting properties, they are kept at a minimum during turf establishment and reseeding periods. Therefor, some weeds are tolerated during the first few years. Once greens mature, healthy bentgrass tends to outcompete most weed species.

We have been providing homeowners nationwide with quality turfgrass maintenance for over 40 years. Now our affiliation with has provided us the opportunity to expand our services to include bentgrass maintenance as well. By using only the finest quality fertilizers and control products available and by adhering to the high professional standards that Lawn-A-Mat has built its reputation upon, we can ensure that your greens will reach their fullest potential. You can now enjoy club quality bentgrass in your own backyard!!!

Below is an outline of our Residential Bentgrass Care Program. It is based on a 36 week growing season, supplying fertilizers/micronutrients, weeds, insect and disease controls. In an average year, 36 visits are scheduled, providing weekly professional applications and checkbacks. Weather and property conditions will determine program specifics such as content, timing and frequency of applications. These will be customized as needed and additional products and services may be necessary. It is crucial that proper mechanical maintenance be performed on a consistent and timely basis (see mechanical care sheet). The program cost is divided into 10 equal payments from March through December. These payments are due on the 15th of each month and will reflect the price quoted on your estimate sheet and any miscellaneous charges agreed upon.

Please remember that the most important part of any successful bentgrass program is the teamwork of and close communication between homeowner and caregiver. It is our pleasure to work with you in maintaining your landscape.