Workbench Cabinetry

This bad boy features inset doors with spalted curly maple (SCM) raised panels set in cherry (C) frames with walnut (W) and maple (M) trim.

7-24-11     8-28-11
The base cabinet doors with raised panels and fancy-schmancy pulls popped right into position.   
Custom pulls made of  SCM, W & C like I've never seen before. The upper cabinets and their pediment are coming together nicely. 
After clamping the doors in position it was simple to set the hinges in the right spots and epoxy the stops to the floor.
First set of doors clamped in place with shims.
6-14-11    6-5-11   
    The third coat of polyurethane being applied.
CNC machined plywood templates and a straight aluminum angle were key to positioning the stiles before applying epoxy to set them to the floor.
CNC machined cardboard template doors helped maintain the proper top and side gaps while I scribed and cut the bottoms to match the wavy concrete floor.
5-22-11    5-20-11   
Upper cabinets partially assembled SCM panels set in W trim After placing the upper cabinets I could finally "see" a design for a pediment  
 5-5-11      2-5-11 
 Upper cabinets and lower stiles being finished  New door frames with doweled mortise and tenon joints    The last of the SCM door parts ...... just about finished ..... for installation. 
9-5-10  5-26-09 12-30-08
The first coat of polyurethane on these SCM panels really made them light up.   Cherry butcher block workbench in and looking for the finishing touches. I just picked up about 150 board feet of rough sawn curly maple.

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