A whole variety of problems will be encountered while keeping bentgrass.


Summer Time Diseases and Maladies

Many problems not typical of cooler months were encountered such as cutworm infestation and damage from foraging animals, fungus attack, rapid drying out and death of turf plus damage and death due to mowing while too hot.

Repairing Summer Damage

It took a long time to get the bentgrass re-established after the death that occurred during the long hot summer months. A massive application of chemicals in extremely hot weather contributed to damage of the bentgrass greens.

Snowmobile Damage

Snowmobile tracks sometimes have metal studs for added traction. Although they help the snowmobile, if the snow is thin they can rip through and damage the bentgrass turf.

Winter Fungus

Snow mold is a fungus that attacks grass after long periods of snow cover. It appears when the snow has melted and looks like sea foam or the head on a beer.


Mole Damage

Moles tunnel under the snow cover in search of food. They eat the green blades of grass and even the roots of the plants. Most prevalent in the lawn (or rough) they will even burrow through short grass in fairways and greens.

Heat Damage

Heat from the mower's exhaust while parked dries and kills grass if left parked for too long.

Gasoline Damage

When gasoline is spilled on grass it will kill it. In the summer heat you can see the damage occur right in front of your eyes. It is best to refuel off the grass - like on a driveway or other area where a gasoline spill will not cause death.


Heat Damage

Heat concentrated by a plastic sheet in the bright sun while the house was being painted took on about an hour before it cooked and killed leaves and branches.