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The "United States Golf Association"

In their own words "The United States Golf Association (USGA) has served as the national governing body of golf since its formation in 1894. It's a non-profit organization run by golfers for the benefit of golfers. The Association sponsors programs that benefit everyone who plays the game. These essential services affect all golfers, whether they are amateurs or professionals, public- or private-course players". See the their extensive website at www.usga.com

They are......the source.... the real deal.....the man...... etc., when it come to all things golf - in the United States. The following are a group of their articles which you will find very helpful in your quest to perfect your home course.

 Puttgarden.com approached the USGA regarding linking to their website. They replied "You may not be aware of this but the USGA does not recommend USGA greens for homeowners. In our opinion, it is simply too costly. In addition, the high sand content makes it difficult for the average homeowner to maintain. USGA construction is meant for greens that receive a lot of play and are tended by turfgrass professionals"1 .

Those thinking about building their own greens should not be discouraged. You can benefit a lot by making the most of USGA greens construction methods when they are appropriate to your situation. I received a printed copy of the USGA greens guidelines half way through my greens building campaigns. The first ones I built without them are perfectly fine for my use, although not up to the level of the ones built after I got the guidelines. How you build a green depends on what you want to get out of it. Yes, USGA greens are built to hold up to heavy traffic and are maintenance intensive, but when will you ever see heavy traffic on your home green?


The United States Golf Association does not recommend USGA spec greens for homeowners. USGA spec greens are expensive to build and hard to maintain in a back yard situation.

 1 Kevin O’Connor, Sr. Director, Handicapping, GHIN & Info. Services, USGA


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