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Fallonator Products
Handmade in the USA by §Terry Fallon.
The Fallonator
Fully automatic electric reduction kiln.
Fallonator Add On Kit
Convert your electric kiln to include reduction firing.
More Fallonator Products
To make high temp reduction life easier.

Reduction Is No Fuss With Us!


More Fallonatortm Products
To make high temp reduction life easier.


Fallonator O2 Reduction-Tattletale   Pyrometer

Gas Kiln O2 sensor

Looking for a competitive price on a O2 sensor for you Gas Kiln or Raku kiln.
Don’t want to spend $ 1,200.00 not even $500

How about one with a replaceable Oxygen sensor.
Direct scale reading, no charts
Temperature independent, no adjusting for kiln temperature
Hi and low limit alarms
2 outputs relays 5amp at 240vac, can be use to open the damper or increase or decrease gas pressure using a solenoid gas valve.

The Fallonator O2 Reduction-Tattletale
Complete units Start at $450.00 hand made in the USA
New replacement Oxygen Sensor, ( not rebuilt or reconditioned )
Only $75


Tdfallon at Comcast dot Net

Inputs:, Fallonator Oxygen Sensor
Display: Two 4-digit, 7 segment 6.35 mm H (25") LEDs (PV: red, SV: green)
Resolution: 1.0, ( 100 levels of reduction )
Accuracy: ±0.25% span, ±1 least significant digit
Supply Voltage: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 5 VA max
Operating Temperature: 2500°F - 1370°C
Memory Backup: Non-volatile memory
Control Output Ratings:
Relay: SPST, 5A @ 250 Vac resistive
Voltage Pulse: 14 V, 10 to -20% (max 40 mA)
Current: 4 to 20 mA
Alarms: SPST, 3A @ 250 Vac
Communication: RS485 MODBUS A-5-11/RTU communication protocol
Weight: 456 g (16.8 oz)
  This is for some of you who are doing the garbage can reduction.

I was asked if the Fallonator Add-On-Kit would work in garbage can reduction kilns. I’m sorry, but the answer is no. The Add-On-Kits are for electric kilns.

I feel that these entry-level type kilns offer a taste of what reduction can do, but how dose the average Joe gauge the heat using a weed burner as the heat source? This pyrometer does the trick.

I am working on getting these reprogrammed for type “S” T/C’s as a pet project.
But I can let a few go for $ 80.00 as type "K"

Solid State Relay Controller    

On January 26, 2011 Bill Campbell wrote:
I installed a controller on my L&L kiln that Terry Fallon built for me a year ago last October.
I have had several people ask me about what I thought about the controller, but I put them off. I had been saying that I had not had the controller on my kiln long enough to really give that report.
It has been well over a year since I installed the controller on my kiln, and I am ready to report on its operation.
I fire this kiln at least three times a week to cone 11.
It has not needed any new elements and has not slowed down as kilns do when they need new elements. The elements are all standing vertically like fresh elements do.
The controller has worked flawlessly from the time that I plugged it.
I have five more L&L kilns that have magnetic relays in their control boxes, and I fire them the same way.
I plan on replacing the elements about three times a year .
The advantage has been not having to replace as many elements, and I have not lost any pottery because the kiln has lost an element, or gotten slow,
because the elements were at the end of their useful life.
I had L&L make me similar controller systems for two new kilns that they made for me. It is too early to give a report one way or another on them. They seem to be doing well, however.







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