The Design    
Workbench Cabinets  Additions to the Throne Room Kitchen Wiring
Throne Room More Trim Trim
David Turner's Handrail    
    Andrei's Table Top
    Exotic Trim
    A/C Duct Prep
  More Trim Andrei's Trim
Cedar Trim Fresh Paint Spackle
Cleaned Up Cleanup the Rock Sheetrock
Loading the Sheetrock Glowing Ready for Rock
Rough Plumbing   Another One
Rough Plumbing Sewer Pump Hookup  
Sunny Morning Seed and Straw Final Rough Grade
More Waiting Oil Delivery Club House
Waiting Too Cold Just Cold
Brrrrr Column Trim Green Oil Tanks
Gutters Gutter Drains Rain, Rain, Rain
HEAT! Exterior Finished Closed up Just in Time
Radiant Heat Floor Insulation The Roof Is On
Pump Tank Prepared Tyvek Installation Pumping The Trench
7" of Rain Leach Field Waiting
Moving the Wall Sheathing Almost Complete Roof Framing
DSC05240.jpg DSC05223.jpg MVC-020F.jpg
More Framing Framing & Septic Tanks Roof Framing
MVC-013F.jpg DSC04964.jpg
2nd Floor Framing 1st Floor Framing Steel I Beams
Start the Framing Waiting for Framing Lumber Delivery
More Settling More Settling Settling the Backfill
Slabs Ready for Pouring Backfilling Complete Foundation Parged
Finishing the Block Starting the Block Footings Complete
Pouring the Footings Setting the Footing Forms Drilling the Well
Digging the Foundation We need a variance to build where we want. We just began perk testing for the septic.